First let me start by simply saying Welcome. Many have worked hard to update and improve our website. Our goals were ease of use, dissemination of information and to make navigating the grant application process clear. We also wanted you to get to know about us, our mission, rich history and activities. I believe we were successful in achieving these goals.

Our website is just one of the changes the Norris Foundation is undertaking. Most significantly is our granting process. We no longer will accept complete grant proposals by mail but will accept online grant application forms in the appropriate calendar window. We are aware that such a significant change will come with growing pains and challenges. Our purpose for this change is to use everyone’s vital time and energy purposefully. In the end we hope this is an improvement to All.

One new tab that I would like to highlight is “Current Activities”. Here you will find photos and descriptions of the many activities our staff and trustees do throughout the year. The Norris Foundation strives to be active in the non-profit community as individuals and as an organization. We know what a privilege and responsibility it is to be grantors and how important it is to understand the needs of the community, to shake hands and to look into others’ eyes. This is the only way we can make positive change and progress.

Personally, the concept of changing the world is overwhelming, but I do know that the Norris Foundation has strived to change lives. As we move forward the Foundation will continue to be responsive to our communities needs and to do so with humility, compassion and an earnest effort to be good grant makers.